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About Woolshop

Woolshop is an online store offering great designs of great quality. More often than not our styles are made in Iceland. At Woolshop we like our Nordic roots, we offer quality handknitted garments for the whole family from Diza and a great variety of fashion for women and the home from Black Sand. Head designer at both these labels is Ásdis Loftsdóttir fashion designer.

Natural fibers are the core of our designs for both Diza and Black Sand

Natural fibers such as Icelandic lambswoolmohair, merino wool, alpaca, linen, silk are our favorites when designing for Diza, but sometimes we have to compromise and add some man made fibers for strenght or a specific look.
But it is comfort, style, and color that give our products a touch of the unique. These elements are always at the centre of DIZA´s design focus.
Our MADE WITH PRIDE tradition
Moreover, all our collections for women, men and children are crafted with care and are all MADE IN ICELAND. It’s all part of our own tradition.
What is your lifestyle? What do you need from your clothing?
DIZA knitwear inspires a feeling of country living, of comfortable simplicity in style, quality and details. The designs evoke fun memories of being with nature, of hillside views, even rough seas and black sandy beaches, glaciers and volcanos.

Moments that linger is our philosophy!
Maybe you've been to Iceland and want a piece of clothing to remember or maybe you dream of visiting this fascinating island in the north Atlantic.

Or maybe you just want a piece of clothing that is innovative, classical with a twist, sometimes quirky often minimalistic and always (just plain good old fashioned) beautifully made.

Comfortable Knitwear
We specialise in designing these features into each garment, with the wish that it becomes a long-time favourite. Knitwear by DIZA appears effortlessly stylish, while feeling unreservedly comfortable.

Slow fashion
Diza´s main focus is on knitted garments for women, men and children and Diza does that brilliantly!
And indeed that is slow fashion, as each knitter passionatly gives his time, thought and feelings into each loop knitted. All our handmade styles are made in Iceland and the knitters work from their home.
We garantee that your handknitted clothing will be unique and made to last.

Fashion with ease
At Diza we love comfort, natural fibers and generally feeling good! And we have designed our non knitted fashion with that in mind as well. Natural, easy care, colorful, fun and timeless Diza´s designs are destined to become classics and your personal favorite!

A Splash of Colour
We like classical color combinations but we love a splash of color!
Black Sand is new label on the Icelandic fashion scene, first introduced in October 2012 at a charity event for the Red Cross and is slowly growing and evolving in a true slow fashion way.
Black Sand wants to surround you with nature by using natural fibers and natures motifs in our designs. We believe in clean design, timeless style over fashion fads. Our aim is to create clothes thay are fashionable and comfortable.